Bridging the Gap - FUTURE. DVD (PAL)

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Eight new directors and films on the theme of “Future” commissioned by Scottish Documentary Institute.

Peter in Radioland

9’55’’ dir: Johanna Wagner prod: Rebecca Day (SDI Productions)

A carefully observed study of the director’s father Peter, who stubbornly remains in an analogue world.


9'20'' dir: David Graham Scott prod: James Alcock (James Alcock Films)

Catherine and Islay live on a remote estate in the Highlands of Scotland, where wind turbines threaten to wipe out their traditional pastoral existence.

At Home with the Jedi

9’32” dir: RF Simpson prod: Sarah Tierney (Clarity Productions) Meet the founders of the UK’s Church of Jediism, whose galactic ambitions reach far beyond their hometown of Holyhead, Wales.


9’ 59’’ dir: Matt Lloyd prod: Carina Wilson (Clarity Productions) A deserted village in limbo on the west coast of Scotland where two men share an obsession with an imagined future.

Tomorrow’s Fairground

9’ 50’’ dir: Peter Gerard prod: Andy Green (Accidental Media) A retiring showman tries to pass on the traditions of a travelling fun-fair to his daughter. Will Victor ever let go of the family business?

The Space you Leave

9’ 54” dir: James Newton prod: Anna Higgs / Gavin Humphries (Quark Films) An intimate portrait of three parents trying to come to terms with their missing children and struggling to move on with their own lives.

Unearthing the Pen

11’ 50” dir / prod: Carol Salter (Rocksalt Films)

Lochen, a 14 year old boy living in Uganda, fears the ‘curse on the pen’ may be the reason he can't fulfil his dreams of learning to read and write.

Sporran Makers

9’ 50” dir: Jane McAllister prod: Noe Mendelle (SDI Productions) Mr Scott’s traditional sporran workshop is under threat as he battles against cheap foreign imports.

Total Running time: 78’10’’ (APPROX)

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