Bridging the Gap - RESILIENCE. DVD (PAL)

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Four films on the theme of ‘Resilience’ commissioned by Scottish Documentary Institute.

The Third Dad

(10’25”) dir: Theresa Moerman Ib, prod: Richard Warden (Middle Fish Films)

Ten years after breaking all ties with her alcoholic father, a daughter sets out to find his grave, on a brave journey of memory, self-discovery and a desperate attempt at reconciliation.

The Banana Republic

(10’00”) dir: Scott Calonico, prod: Lindsay Goodall (Beau Films)

Built in the 60’s Leith's Cables Wynd housing estate in Edinburgh is known locally as the Banana Flats. A local photographer and former resident embarks on a quest to document the triumphs and tragedies that exist inside each of the estate's 204 flats.

Mining Poems or Odes

(10’49”) dir: Callum Rice, prod: Jack Cocker (SDI Productions)

Robert, an ex-shipyard welder from Govan in Glasgow, reflects on how his life experiences have influenced his new found compulsion to write.

Bubo’s Limbo

(10’30”) dir: Alberto Iordanov, prod: Anne Milne (SDI Productions)

During the socialist regime in Bulgaria, Bubo was a ‘little king’ and enjoyed a privileged lifestyle. But now he is stuck in limbo in his derelict family house, transcending his challenging present by pursuing impossible dreams.

Total Running time: 41’04’’

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