Bridging the Gap - SHIFT. DVD (PAL)

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Six new directors and films on the theme of “Shift” commissioned by Scottish Documentary Institute. (2011)

Night Shift

9’05” dir: Ruth Reid prod: Flore Cosquer (SDI Productions)

Anne Wallace once had a dream to help Glasgow's working women. Soon after she had a double decker bus, and the Ministry of Salt and Light.

The Perfect Fit

9’05” dir: Tali Yankelevich prod: Finlay Pretsell (SDI Productions) & Paul Ryan (Teebster)

They might be worn by delicate girls, but ballet shoes are crafted by burly men whose hands tell another story...


12’05” dir: Martin Smith prod: Finlay Pretsell (SDI Productions)

A day in the life of Jimmy McIntosh, MBE, who has tirelessly campaigned for disabled rights since 1972. An incredibly intimate portrait told from Jimmy’s point of view, as a wheelchair bound cerebral palsy sufferer.

The Red Army

9’05” dir / prod: Paul Ryan (Teebster Productions)

As a battle rages in the highlands of Scotland, two unlikely allies unite to defeat an invading army of grey squirrels.

Under the Surface

9’05” dir: David Cairns prod: Noe Mendelle (SDI Productions)

Why would eight young men living in the same town take their own lives in just one summer – and how will the people who loved them move on?

I Can Smell the Cordite

9’05” dir: Andy Taylor Smith prod: Nicola Clayton (Sodalite Films)

One bunker.Two men.Christmas Eve, 1944. Or was it?

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