Bridging the Gap - WHITE. DVD (PAL)

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6 new shorts on the theme of "White".

How to Save a Fish from Drowning / Kelly Neal: A film about the death of white rural America told through the voices of three old men fishing on a frozen lake.

Breadmakers / Yasmin Fedda: A film about a unique community of bakers with learning disabilities.

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being / Faisal Aziz: A glimpse into the world of Asian skin lightening.

My Mother’s Daughter / Saleyha Ahsan: a film about Mrs Ridley and her daughter Yvonne, a journalist who converted to Islam after her capture by the Taliban.

Ottica Zero / Maja Borg: An experimental film about the former actress Nadya Cazan’s journey through the colour spectrum towards a more ethical way of life.

Butterfly / Yulia Mahr: An intimate portrait about a young woman with albinism.

Total Running time: 70’ 46”

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